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NOTE: I am aware that there are problems adding videos into collections and will try to fix it, but it might take a month or two. I will send an email when it is done. -James

FAQ and Contact Info

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please read it carefully before contacting me.
1. How is Cakey free?
Primarily because it is run by one person, and I am doing this for free. I originally built Cakey for my own use (I have three kids), so it was never built to make money. If the cost of running Cakey ever rises to a point where it becomes an issue, I’ll figure out a way to have Cakey make money that is not annoying and doesn’t exploit kids.
2. Why do I have to log in with Facebook or enter my email address?
  • For accountability. This reduces the chance that someone will maliciously upload inappropriate content to Cakey Village.
  • To email you usage reports. Many parents want to know what their kids are watching but never find time to open the app, so I email reports instead.
  • To reset your parent pincode. I need somewhere to send it.
3. If I connect by FB or give you my email address, are you going to spam me or post to my wall?
No. That sort of thing is typically done by unethical hackers from China and Eastern Europe trying to make a buck, not by a parent in California building a free app for kids out of his living room. :)
4. What data does Cakey collect and why?
Cakey collects the following data to send you usage reports and to better tailor suggestions of other collections your child might like: device type, what collections you added, session times and length, what videos are played, and how long they were played.
5. Why do videos sometimes disappear when I play them?
This means the video was removed from YouTube or the video’s permission settings were changed to not be publicly viewable anymore.
6. If I make changes to a collection on my device, does the collection get changed on Cakey Village?
If you are the original creator of a collection, any changes you make to the collection will immediately be reflected on Cakey Village. This includes renaming the collection, adding a video, and deleting a video. If you downloaded the collection but are not its creator, changes are not reflected anywhere else (including not on other devices you are running Cakey on).
7. If I add a collection on one device, does it get added on other devices I have Cakey installed on?
No. For now, each device maintains its own collection list.
8. If I download a collection and then the collection is later modified on Cakey Village, will the changes automatically sync onto my device?
No, downloaded collections are not automatically synced. This is to prevent someone from adding inappropriate videos later and having them automatically sent to your device. If you'd like to update a collection, delete it from your device and then redownload it from Cakey Village.
9. I would like to import a YouTube Playlist as a collection. Is this possible?
Yes. Create a new collection and name it as you like. In the collection builder, use the search bar to search for the YouTube playlist ID. This should load that playlist as a tab, where you can add videos to your collection. Cakey does not allow you to suck in a complete playlist with one click because playlists sometime contain inappropriate videos and we want to protect from bad content accidentally getting sucked into Cakey Village.
How can I contact you about something else?
If your question is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to reach me at . PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME AND DEVICE NICKNAME.